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Zamak Ingot

Zamak Ingot

Zamak Ingot

Zamak ingot is a piece of metal and Zamak is a family of alloy. It has a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium and copper. It is used in the spin casting industry. It is a fantastic combination of both strength and ductility. It also gives excellent plating and has finishing characteristics. It is commonly used in zinc die casting. Zamak can be rust easily in the environment so it can be powder coated, wet painted or electroplated. We are the suppliers of Zamak Ingot. 

Uses of Zamak ingot

It is used by spin-casting industry. It is also used to make custom jewellery also as it is a combination of four metals zinc, copper, aluminium and magnesium. Hence, it is more muscular enough and has excellent finishing also.

Benefits of Zamak ingot 

Zamak is an alloy, combination of four metals zinc, copper, magnesium and aluminium. It is beneficial because it has both excellent strength and ductility. It gives good finishing as well as plating.

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