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BIC Lighter

BIC Lighter

BIC Lighter

Smokers always want perfect lit to add value in their smoking experience, and it isn’t easy to get ideal lit with standard lighters. Therefore today we introduce you to our new product BIC lighter which has huge demand globally. Being an exporter of BIC lighter, we know every single detail about it, so we decided to share it with you. This lighter was first introduced in the USA in 1970. From 1973 it holds a grip and hitting the stores with its highest sales. Presently BIC has over 4 million stores worldwide. BIC is known for its disposable nature and the other aspects like classic look perfect lit. 

Uses of BIC Lighters 

Smokers like to use BIC lighters to get the perfect fit on their toxic products

Benefits of BIC lighters

It is a disposable lighter which has an inexpensive cost. Moreover, it has a classic body which comes in different designs and colours. 

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