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Chamex A4 paper

Chamex A4 paper

Chamex A4 paper

Chamex is a multipurpose sheet which produces from biodegradable and renewable sources. It has a production plant in Memphis from where it carries the business operation, and we act as a supplier of chamex A4 paper that we supplied all across the nations. This sheet is not only bounded to printing but can also be used for writing, painting purposes. Surprisingly it has zero visibility of see-through hence it can be print on both sides. Those who confused between the purchase of a printer can purchase any of your choices. As this sheet works with all type of printing machines. Due to titanium coating, it has a bright surface and white colour. 

Uses of Chamex Paper

It is use to get the best prints as well as to write and paint on the sheet

Benefits of Chamex Paper

This paper has a higher level of brightness and whiteness. Apart from printing, it can be used for writing and painting as well. 

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