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Metal Scrap in France

Ametro Sarl is the best manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of Metal Scrap in France and Ametro is a prominent player in industry and of repute across the globe known as a leader in Metal Scrap in France because of high quality material used and equipments used to ensure flawless products delivery to the end users. The right selection of raw material for Metal Scrap says it all about the Company and gives a first impression. We are specialized in the production of premium quality Metal Scrap in France as we use innovative and ultra modern technology to save the environment with diligent use of waste. High fibre raw material is used in the production with renewable energy generated through pulping process of the debris.

We respect and follow the laws of the land and abide by it at all circumstances and perform our corporate social responsibility with sincerity and honesty. We give priority to the safety, security and betterment of our employees as they are our valuable assets. We have a team of dedicated professionals with expertise and vast experience. Customer centric approach, time & quality management, logistics are our forte.

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